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IBA Membership Subscription Tiers

TIER 1 is perfect for those who wish only to play socially in IBA’s regularly scheduled tournaments. They will continue to be free IBA members.

TIER 2 is the minimum level IBA Paid Membership subscription. Paid Membership permits you to continue at the level of involvement you currently enjoy with IBA – Regularly scheduled tournaments, IBA’s League, Extreme Tournament, Year End Events, miscellaneous special events, prestigious invites when earned to IBA’s League Playoffs, Top Dog and Tournament of Champions, etc.
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TIER 3 Premium Membership additionally provides members access to IBA chat rooms, private dedicated forum space, premium content and support and special Premium-only events.

TIER 4: Advisory Council Members will represent the interests of IBA Members. The Council will be consulted on future plans, have an open door to IBA’s management, receive special recognition on IBA’s website and have access to full IBA Membership benefits.

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